MIELKE’s ability to provide our clients with a robust group of service offerings makes us truly unique in the industry. Our family of companies offer in-house mechanical, steel and rigging services. This means we can react quicker and meet your needs more effectively. Piping or steel modifications required to replace your equipment; no problem! Specialized lifting and heavy rigging needs; we’ve got those covered too! The result is less headaches for our clients, quicker turn-arounds and lower cost solutions.

Upgrades & Additions

Does your system need upgrading? Maybe you have building alterations that result in the need to modify your plumbing, HVAC or Fire Sprinkler systems? No matter what the reason we can help. Having a large team of professionals with diverse skills, from service technicians to season construction experts, allows us to respond appropriately to our clients and their needs.

At MIELKE we have the unique ability to provide everything from preventative maintenance to large scale HVAC, Refrigeration, Plumbing and Fire sprinkler system expansions. We’d welcome any opportunities to discuss how we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations!