Mechanical Fabrication


At MIELKE we have been using 3D CAD software to model and prefabricate mechanical systems since long before BIM was an industry buzz. Our focus was to improve safety, quality and efficiency and this strategy has paid off. As we construct large mechanical projects across the country we can fabricate piping spools & build large assemblies in the controlled environment of our fabrication shop. We pre-fabricate and pre-assemble piping spools, structural steel, plumbing & HVAC equipment and we even assemble large skids. These skids contain all of the required equipment, piping and wiring and can be easily placed in the field with limited connection points. This work occurs at one of our three fabrication facilities located in Ohio and Florida and is regularly shipped across the country. In addition to fabricating for our own field crews we also provide fabrication and modularization services for facility owners and other contractors.


At the heart of our fabrication process is technology. Our prefabricated components are constructed first using 3D CAD software such as AutoCAD MEP, Quickpen Pipedesigner 3D and Revit. Whenever possible we also utilize Navisworks clash detection software to identify conflicts in the design phase so they can be avoided in the construction phase

After design, detailed documentation is provided to our fabricators who utilize cutting edge equipment to build and assemble the components. We maintain approximately 90,000 square feet of inside fabrication & warehousing facilities along with 8-acres of outside storage & assembly space at our three facilities. We utilize overhead bridge cranes and custom designed material handling equipment to ensure work is completed safely and efficiently. We also utilize automated pipe cutting and welding equipment ensuring that we can provide the highest levels of quality while still maintaining competitive pricing for our clients


We are fortunate to employ some very experienced and extremely talented fabricators. We believe that the qualifications of our team and the culture of your company are the most important aspects of producing a quality product. Our people take pride in their work and you should expect the best from our team. We utilize quality control check points throughout our process; from fit-up to welding to assembly we have quality checks at each step. Our process utilizes a color coding system so that anyone on the team can quickly identify if the part has been approved for the next step of fabrication. Each component receives a final quality inspection before leaving the production floor. We regularly perform weld mapping and non-destructive testing on our projects and we facilitate client inspections at any point during production. Our structured quality control process combined with our commitment to client satisfaction ensures that our clients receive a high quality experience from MIELKE.