At MIELKE Piping is our core competency. We employ some of the most talented pipefitters and pipe-welders in the industry! We train & qualify our people using NCCER certified programs and our trainees are some of the best in the country as recognized through ABC’s craft championship competitions. We also utilize automated cutting and welding equipment to deliver the highest quality product at the most efficient cost.


We have installed piping systems in far too many facilities and industry categories to list. We have ongoing & continuous project operations in the plastics, chemical & rubber industries as well as food processing plants at each level of the process.

We target utility piping & distribution systems at Universities, military and governmental compounds and even large private industry campuses. We install heating & cooling water and steam distribution systems for process and HVAC needs as well as fuel and natural gas systems to run machinery or power buildings.

We have installed piping systems at water & wastewater facilities serving traditional processing plants as well as cutting edge waste to energy initiatives.


At MIELKE we haven’t met a piping system that we can’t master. Whether it’s being used for utility distribution or process manufacturing, chances are our team has experience with it. Here are some of the types of piping systems that we regularly fabricate and install:

Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Monel
Inconel Hastelloy Titanium
Poly Lined Steel HDPE PVC & CPVC
Fiber Glass Aluminum Copper & Cast Iron