MIELKE Mechanical’s roots trace back to the late 1940’s when Marvin W. Mielke was enlisted to help fix a neighbors boiler. That marked his start and our start in the HVAC business. We have a rich and diverse history of installing, servicing and repairing HVAC systems for so many different facilities and applications. From space comfort to process cooling & ventilation to clean rooms our team represents three generations of experience working in the HVAC industry.


Today our focus is on large scale HVAC installations and service; especially those requiring heavy piping systems. In addition to design, fabrication & installations we provide ongoing maintenance and repair services, providing our clients with a lifetime of seamless operation. Some examples of the types of systems we have installed and serviced include:

  • Chilled water- packaged air cooled, split system DX and water cooled
  • Heating hot water- boiler systems & steam to hot water heat exchangers
  • Steam- various pressure systems with steam generation & pressure reducing stations
  • Water source heat pumps & geothermal
  • Custom air handling units with integral filtration and energy recovery
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) with hot water re-heat
  • Variable refrigerant flow
  • In-floor radiant
  • Air displacement systems
  • Split system air handling units
  • Packaged DX cooling & natural gas heating
  • High pressure steam to electric generation with secondary steam heating